I Have a Happy Spitter! Should I Be Concerned?

 I Have a Happy Spitter! Should I Be Concerned?

I Have A Happy Spitter!  Should I Be Concerned?

Becoming a mom for the first time is an amazing experience, but it's also full of uncertainties. One question that many of the mamas I work with is whether or not they should be concerned if their baby spits up frequently.  If you are anything like them then you may also be wondering various things about your baby and whether those things are "normal". Are they supposed to spit up so much? Is it normal for them to be so fussy? Should you be concerned if your baby spits up frequently?

In this blog, I'll explore what causes baby spit-up and offer some tips on how to deal with it. So, if you're wondering if your happy spitter is cause for concern, read on!   

The short Coles notes version is this - some babies spit up more than others and it can seem like a never-ending cycle. So, what's a new mom to do? Relax! If your baby is happy (keyword here), healthy and gaining weight, then you have nothing to worry about. Spit up is just extra nutrition for them (and you!). Keep calm and enjoy your little bundle of joy!

Want more detail?  Keep reading....

What causes babies to spit up? 

Babies’ stomachs and digestive systems are still developing. They often consume a larger amount of milk compared with the size of their belly. This combined with their shorter esophagus and more horizontal stomach positioning, means that some of the milk may spill out of the mouth after feeding.
This happy spitting can be a protective mechanism! Learning more about the science behind why this happens is so comforting. You can check out my more extensive explanation behind this phenomenon in this short video.  

When Should You Be Concerned About Your Baby's Spitting Up? 

If your baby expresses pain or discomfort with spitting up, take note. If your baby is crying, pushing away, projectile vomiting and your mama heart just knows something is off, that is when we start looking for underlying causes to address.
Doctors tend to recommend waiting until babies outgrow the issue and for me that is not OK! When our babies are in pain and struggling, we need to act. Doctors may also choose to medicate the symptoms before looking for underlying causes which can result in even more problems.
I’m here to help you figure out the underlying causes of spitting up. Many solutions are simple and straightforward. Addressing feeding positions, oral motor function, latch, food allergies/intolerances/sensitivities, body tension and more can easily help support you and your little one.
Now, if you have a happy spitter, rest easy. Let me clear the air and put your mind at ease. Unless your baby is in pain or discomfort let the spitting and the laundry continue! Doesn’t it feel good to know that you don’t have to worry about every little thing?