Building A Young Living Business

As you start using your oils and falling in love with them, there will likely come a time that you want to share them with others.  Which is wonderful in an of itself, because you get to watch your loved ones improve their wellness, 
and their lives as a result too!

Did you know that you can actually start building a Young Living small business of your own?

By helping your loved ones find health, you can also get your oils, bills, and even vacations paid for so you have more FREEDOM!

I have compiled some resources below to help you get started on this journey of sharing your oils with others, and being compensated for it!
Who knows, you might be a Royal Crown Diamond in the making!

It won't be easy and it will take time and effort - you read that right! This is not a 'get rich quick' type of business.  However, if you are loving the oils, love sharing them, and are motivated to put in the work to build a business, then join in the hundreds and thousands of others doing the same.

Take a quick peak at the Income Disclosure Statement below to get an idea of the kind of income you could make!

The Young Living Income Opportunity

 2019 Income Disclosure Statement

The YL Income Opportunity 
(with Martha Krejci) 

Martha Krejci is a Young Living business builder who came from the world of digital marketing.  She built to GOLD rank in 6 months.

She has been a wonderful mentor to me and I have purchased all of her online courses (working my way through them slowly) and 100% recommend each of them.  If you are interested in making this as easy as possible, without having to host classes and bug all your family and friends (yes, unfortunately Network Marketing gets a bad rep as a result of all that), and without feeling salesy, this is the way.  If you want to actually build a business (like a business person) with Young Living, then I highly recommend taking these courses.

I have listed them in order of how I (and Martha) recommend going through them:

FREE Resources
Goldgetters Facebook Group (for YL Builders):

Grab the FREE Guide:

PAID Courses:
1. GO For Gold Course:  - use code: newmember to get it for $77 (and Bring On The Builders for $37) - let me know if you do use this code, as I will get a free month in Martha's Diamond Lane membership group (and will of course share my knowledge from that group with all of you)!

2. Silver Made Simple:
3. 20 in 30 The Oily Way:
4. Bring On The Builders:

Purely Biz Hub

Guess what ?!?

We have a private Facebook group that is exclusive to our Pure Culture team! 

While the Pure Culture group is the general member group, where you can find all the resources and testimonials to your heart's content, the Purely Biz Hub is the private group specifically for those of us wanting to build the business.

So come on over and join the team of leaders!  It is AMAZING!!!

There is also the Purely Biz Hub - 2 Week Training group, which offers a great FREE training in terms of how to share appropriately and what to do to grow your business daily in the form of IPAs (Income Producing Activities).

Click to join the Purely Biz Hub - 2 Week Training group
R.I.S.E. Workbook
This is a new workbook created by Young Living (in May 2020) to help you start and grow your Young Living business.

This is a great first step.

Download Here
1st YL Rank: Member To Star

This video is of Martha Krejci (used with permission) breaking down how to get to the next rank, not only in numbers, because that’s a pretty easy part…but what the numbers actually represent, who you should be talking to first, how to get that ball rolling, and really, how to start building that business TODAY.

2nd YL Rank: Star To Senior Star

3rd YL Rank: Senior Star To Executive

4th YL Rank: Executive to Silver

5th YL Rank: Silver To Gold