Sharing The Right Way

Staying compliant when sharing your love of these oils (and talking about them on social media).

Staying Compliant When Sharing

Soon, you will fall in love with your Young Living products, if you have not already.  And you are going to find yourself wanting to share this love, just like you would share your favourite restaurant, or perhaps a new movie you saw.

When you are sharing your love of Young Living products, and especially when talking about them in public domains (like social media, Youtube, etc), you need to use compliant language when talking about them. When people talk about being "compliant," they are referring to the fact that there are things we should not say when talking about Young Living products. 

In Canada, where I live, we are lucky because many of our products are approved by Health Canada as Natural Health Products (NHPs), and therefore we can make certain claims about these products. However, in other markets around the world, including the USA, these products are not approved by the FDA (or other country specific regulating body), which means that you cannot make any medical claims about the products.

We are not doctors, so we do not want to diagnose, treat, or cure anyone's illness with these products. 

It is important to know about compliance and to avoid certain language to protect both yourself and Young Living. I know it can feel intimidating, especially for those that don't like to break the rules, but if we work together, we will succeed in the most incredible way! Corporate has asked us to work together on this, so let's support one another, not over-complicate it, and continue to share in a compliant way!

Young Living put together a really cute video to help educate about compliance. Watch this short video. 

**Please note, this video was created before Young Living introduced the Plus Line (in Canada) or the Vitality Line (in the USA).  We now use Plus/Vitality oils for any internal consumption (including adding to your water) and that is what you should reference going forward.


Focus on...
Maintaining Wellness vs. Healing

A good rule of thumb is to talk about the body's normal function. Do not talk about how to FIX the body but rather how to support the body's NORMAL function to MAINTAIN wellness. Think about educating on true health maintenance, not on healing the body. 

I always tell my team, compliance is a blessing. It gives us the opportunity to share with our members how to use YL products every single day to stay healthy vs just when they get the occasional "sickness" or "headache." (Both "sickness" and headache" are non-compliant words and should not be used. Keep reading for suggestions for what to say instead). 

A quick Pinterest search will show you that there are still a TON of non-compliant disease claims out there. Please do not re-pin or share these non-compliant posts with others.

Sharing On Your Social Media Accounts

Refrain from ANY disease claims (disease is considered any kind of abnormal body function) and avoid posting any non-compliant graphics.

Use the product descriptions on the Young Living website, in the product guide, or the Young Living Blog to help formulate what you want to say about the products. They are all compliant.

Instead of talking about a disease, talk about wellness - a positive rather than a negative.

The body knows what it needs. Just encourage people to use their products and experiment with how they make them feel.

** Note: In this online space, here in this membership area, in private Facebook groups, and also in private conversations, it is okay to talk the truth about what the products do.  However, we just have to remember that we are not supposed to make 'health or medical claims' when talking about Young Living products (particularly the essential oils and supplements) in a public forum**
As I mentioned in Canada we have several products that have the Natural Health Products  designation and so you can make specific natural health claims.  Check the website for what you can and cannot say.

There are also several over-the-counter (OTC) drugs available in the US market for which we can make special claims. You still can not say these products are FDA approved. But an ingredient in them is FDA approved for a particular claim; therefore, we can make some special claims. 

The following products are considered OTC Drugs for which we can make special claims in the USA. Continue to check the Young Living site for their OTC products as they continue to grow the list. 

Thieves cough drops - You can claim it is a cough suppressant.

Diaper Rash Cream - You can make claims like "helps relieve, treat, and prevent diaper rash."

Mineral Sunscreen - You can call it sunscreen! 

Mineral Sunscreen Lotion 50 SPF - This sunscreen helps prevent sunburn. Decrease the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun. 

Lavaderm After Sun Spray - Offers temporary relief from the pain and itching of minor burns, minor cuts, sunburns, scrapes, insect bites, and minor skin irritations.

Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream - You can say temporarily relieves minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with arthritis, strains, bruises, sprains, and simple backache.

Maximum Strength Acne Treatment - Helps clear acne blemishes, pimples, and blackheads. Tea Tree essential oil helps cleanse your skin, while Manuka oil reduces the appearance of blemishes.

NOT an OTC medication BUT you can make claims on the Insect Repellant! 

Insect Repellant - You can say this is a bug repellant! 


When in doubt just go with what the website says.

What Can I Say?

Many essential oils:
• Are immune enhancing
• Support the body’s natural defenses
• Support the immune, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, nervous, and other body systems. You can say supports X body system when referring to the Vitality oils (Internal), or dietary supplements.
• Aid in maintaining normal cellular regeneration
• Are mood elevating
• Are high in antioxidants
• Are aromatic
• Are oxygenating
• Boost stamina and energy
• Help you relax
• Help manage stress and frustration
• Help reduce the appearance of aging
• Improve mental clarity
• Promote overall health, vitality, and longevity

Notice all of these bullet points talk about the body's NORMAL function. They do not talk about how to FIX the body but rather how to support the body's NORMAL function to MAINTAIN wellness. 

Words To Avoid

Hot words to avoid:

The following is a list of "hot" words that are not to be used in "describing" any of our Young Living products. These words can only be used by the drug industry.
Cholesterol (indicates High Cholesterol Medications)
Hormone (this word alone is defined as a drug)
Insulin (indicates treatment for Diabetes)
Pain (except when referring to non-disease states, such as pain associated with strenuous exercise, or when referring to the Cool Azul Pain Cream.)
Any specific disease name

Do not compare any product to any antibiotic or other medication. Do not state that any of our products "will" balance, regulate, or improve hormone or estrogen levels.

Avoid these words and phrases as well:

Help (sometimes this is ok to use. See examples below)
Support (unless you are talking about supporting systems with vitality line or dietary supplements)
I have found
May help with
May eliminate
What I have used...
What has helped others...
Can relieve
May benefit


** I will be the first to admit that using compliant language is HARD!!! I have definitely still said many of these things without even realizing it.  Remember, no-one is perfect.  Rules are changing all the time.  I have also heard (at the International Grand Convention in 2019) that now when we tell our story and weave in how the products helped US, then it is sometimes okay to use some of the words above, because we are talking about our own personal experience, rather than using this as prescribing or promising for someone else.  Hope that makes sense!  When in doubt, just use what the website says (particularly when posting on public platforms. **