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How To Get Your Oils Free

Did you know that there is a super easy way to cover the cost of your oils, while also making a difference in others' lives?

You already know that you love your Young Living products, and just like you would share your favourite movie, restaurant or new clothing store, you will also likely be sharing your love of these products!  And guess what ....Young Living gives you a 'thank you' cheque for sharing this love with others!  Yup, when you help your friends get their own Premium Starter Kit (PSK) by using your member number or personal sign-up link to order, you will get a $50 thank-you check from Young Living*.

How cool is that??

*In order to receive your $50 bonus from Young Living, you must order 50 PV in products in the same calendar month that the new member orders their PSK.

How were YOU introduced to Young Living products?

Think about how you started with Young Living.
What were you looking for?  Help with something specific? Were you looking to clean up your lifestyle? Get healthier? Move to non-toxic living?

Now think about who shared Young Living with you.
What did you like about their approach?
Was there something you didn't like about their approach?

Be A Product Of The Product

Use your products every single day to create personal testimonies.


Personal stories make sharing genuine and authentic. Plus, when you use the products regularly, you will notice a difference in the way you feel, which is why you got involved in the first place!

Explore Outside the Starter Kit

Start exploring products outside the Premium Starter Kit right away.

Make it a point to swap out and try 1-3 new YL products every month. This allows you to build more testimonies and it also helps you support your health that much more!

*Make sure you are ordering these on Essential Rewards. It is the BEST way to save money and get free stuff! Learn more about Essential Rewards benefits HERE.

Not sure where to start? Make it your mission to sprinkle YL throughout your house. Sprinkling YL throughout your house will help you use YL products regularly to support your health and build testimonies at the same time. It will also serve as a casual advertisement if you have guests over. With YL sprinkled everywhere, there is no way they can miss it and it often strikes up a conversation.

Use Your Products In Front of Others

When you use them in front of your friends, they almost always ask “What is that?!”

Oil up when doing a FB live or traveling on the bus. Drink your Ningxia Red after a workout at the gym or yoga class. Or use the Thieves Hand Sanitizer after using a public restroom.

Doesn't matter what it is, it always strikes up a convo.

Recommend A Product

We often make recommendations to our friends and family on the latest and greatest things we are personally experiencing or using.

When they share their new favourite health podcast, you ask if they have heard of your favourite health podcast.  

When they tell you about this new Mexican restaurant, you tell them about another great Mexican restaurant they should try.

We recommend things ALL the time: restaurants, TV shows, podcasts, fitness classes, and health products.

When you are catching up with friends and they express needs, use it as an opportunity to ask if you can make a recommendation. If they say yes, share with them how a YL product may be beneficial.

If you have no idea what product may be good for their expressed needs, use your reference materials: look up what they could try, and share the recommendation*.  

Be honest and tell them you haven’t used this yet, but you hear it’s great and would be worth a try!

*It is important to share compliantly. When you speak to wellness vs illness you are able to stay compliant. 
Use the Essential Oils Desk Reference Book (or app), your own experiences, someone else's testimonial (ie. search in the Pure Culture group), or even from other essential oils resource books (they have them on almost every topic!)

Finding Your Member (or Affiliate) Link

In order to ensure your friend or family sign up under you so you can get your $50 dollar thank-you check from Young Living, you must have your friends or family members use your personal YL member number to get their own PSK.

You can simply give people your member number and they can plug it into the Enroller and Sponsor spot on the Young Living website OR You can text or email them your personal sign-up link. They will not need to type in your member number if you give them your personal sign-up link.

To get your personal sign-up link, log into your Virtual Office (VO) here.


Want More Support Building A Young Living Business?

Come and join the Business Building member area for a more in depth training and resources to help you build your Young Living Business.

Whether you are looking to get your oils for free, make an extra $500/month, start building and earning passive and residual income, or looking to make a career change so that you can work for yourself, on your own terms, and towards time and financial freedom, we've got you!

Let's link arms and build together!!
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Information courtesy of Kaili Ets