Start to feel confident that your baby is moving and developing properly while helping them with any body tightness.

 I'm so glad you found me! Get ready for some massive support in understanding and tuning into your baby, while you navigate their overall development in the first 2 years. Think of this like your baby wellness check but focused on development and identifying any body tightness that might affect development.

Babies do all sorts of funny things while they are growing in utero, and sometimes they can become twisted in sub-optimal positioning, stuck in a specific place (ahem, like under your ribs - ouch!), or squished due to lack of space (as is the case with multiples and conditions like low amniotic fluid). And then of course, they twist and rotate and twist some more as they make their way down and through the birth canal, sometimes getting stuck on the way out and needing assistance from forceps, vacuum, hands, or even a c-section.

All the twisting and rotating and general stuckness can lead to straining and tightening of the fascia, which is a thin but strong layer that lies on top of (superficial) to the muscles and protects our entire body - from the muscles to all the nerves and organs below them, as well as the muscles themselves.  All this tightness can present as tongue, lip, cheeks ties (which can affect feeding, latch, reflux, colic, and more) or tightness of the body (ie. torticollis) and can pull bones out of alignment and compress nerves, which can lead to other complications like pain, stiffness, discomfort and more. 

Babies are meant to be snuggly and pretty loose, almost melting into you when being held....but often times this is not the case. Body tightness can affect a variety of things like latch, posture while feeding, reflux, colic, constipation, torticollis, plagiocephaly (or flat head syndroms), difficulty with tummy time and may also delay baby's ability to move and meet their developmental milestones such as rolling, crawling, getting into a sitting position and eventually standing and walking.

Getting in early is key and can make profound changes, leading to a happier, more relaxed and calm baby.

The Holistic Baby Development mini course will show you how to check your baby's body, joints, and muscles, to make sure they are all moving as they should be.  You will be guided through various exercises and movements to gently stretch baby out so that baby can work out any kinks they may have that might be causing pain or discomfort.

Understanding why your baby seems uncomfortable when being held, doesn't snuggle in close or melt into your body, cries or seems uncomfortable in tummy time or during feeding, has painful gas or constipation, only turns their head or tries to roll to one side, or has any kind of head molding is the first step in to a more relaxed and comfortable baby.

Milestones Made Easy
Milestones should not be a mystery!  Let me help you understand them, encourage them, and also know if/when to worry about them.

Repeat after me - you do NOT need to teach your baby ALL.THE.THINGS!  You read that right!  You do not have to teach them how to roll, crawl, sit, stand, walk, hold their toys, babble, and so on. Human babies are quite amazing and will learn to do these things all on their own.

Here's the catch though:

It IS your job to set them up for success.  To give them the right opportunities and environments in which to learn.

For babies, this means lots of freedom to explore and move - on their own!  Their bodies know what do do and how flourish when given the right opportiunities and support.

That is where this Holistic Baby Development course comes in.  This course will help you understand what typical development looks like from 0-2 years old, that's right we cover everything from tummy time to walking, and everything in between.  Though development progresses in a set pattern with one skill being mastered before the next, and our society has put age ranges to the main milestones to look out for, every baby has their own timelines.  Essentially as long as you are seeing progress and new skills week by week, the likelihood is that your baby is developing just fine.

But this course will help you determine whether they are!  It will also provide you with information on what to expect at each age and stage, what red flags to look out for (and when to worry about them), and will also set  you up with some practical, fun ideas to start encouraging your baby to move, essentially helping them learn these new skills through play.

What the course covers:

  • How to check your baby for body tightness
  • Easy stretches to do with baby
  • A special body release for reflux
  • Tummy time support
  • Developmental milestones in the first 2 years - rolling, sitting, crawling, pulling to stand and walking
  • 12 virtual Babies @ Play parent/baby classes from 0-12 months
This is for you if you:

  • Have a baby (0-12 months) who seems to be tight, uncomfortable, has reflux or colic, torticollis or plagiocephaly, etc
  • Want to understand why your baby seems more stiff than other babies
  • Want to support your baby's development + make sure they are on the right track.
  • Want to help your baby feel happier, calmer & more relaxed.
  • Want new activities to do with your baby during play time.


Hi, I'm Kaili 
I am a mama of two & founder of Kaili Ets Family Wellness.  I am on a mission to reduce the overwhelm of motherhood, one mama and baby at a time.  

Using my many years of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist, and my advanced certifications in infant sleep, reflux, and craniosacral therapy, I help mamas feel confident in their baby's sleep, development, and reflux, so that they can stop the worry and be a well-rested family. 

My approach is developmentally driven, attachment focused, and evidence informed with an emphasis on empowering mamas to tune into and trust their mama instincts.

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