Infant Development

Worried about your baby's development?
Not sure why your baby seems to hate tummy time?
Have questions about introducing solids? Or a picky eating toddler?

These are all common struggles that parents have in the first 2 years of having a new baby.  
Luckily I am here to help!

1:1 Personalized Support
 I also offer individual consultations to help you understand the many areas of your baby or child's development. I am here to educate and show you hands-on (even through Zoom) how to foster connection between you and your baby, how to facilitate and encourage tummy time and other milestones, and really just help boost your confidence that 'you've got this mama'.

Choose The Support Package That Fits Your Needs

Whether you need a little bit of help, have a few questions related to milestones, need a few tips & tricks to add to your toolbox, or you need the accountability and feeling of security from unlimited monthly support, there is an option for you!

Playful Discovery. Nurturing Growth. Transforming Connection.
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