Making Intro To Solids Less Stressful And More Fun......
(oh, and we'll take care of the picky eating too!)

You're worried about what foods and how to introduce solids to your baby, and maybe have some fear around gagging and choking.

If you are ready to feel confident in your baby's feeding...

Have no fear, I am here!

Let me guess....

You’re here because you want the best for your baby, and you want the confidence and support to trust your instinct!

But perhaps you are....

Feeling a little overwhelmed with the idea of introducing solids to your baby?
Not sure whether to start at 4, 5, or 6 months?

Perhaps you are questioning whether to do purees or baby-led weaning?

Or maybe.....

  • The fear of gagging and choking makes you a bit anxious?

  • Your older baby or toddler seems to have a limited amount of foods they will actually eat and you are unsure if they are getting the proper nutrition or if there is something more going on with possible picky eating.
If you answered yes to any of these, you're likely feeling a little overwhelmed… (Okay, maybe a lot)
 You may have started googling on baby-led weaning, or perhaps asking in the various Facebook mom groups.... and if you're anything like me, that got has led to more confusion and overwhelm ..... and perhaps even more anxiety. 

Or maybe you are thinking, how hard can it really be?  You just give baby the food and they will eat it....right?  

Well, yes, sometimes it does work that easily, but most of the time there is a bit of a learning curve for both you and your baby!

I see you, I hear you... I was you!

I was also confused and had those same fears, even though I had the experience and knowledge from various feeding courses and my work as a pediatric occupational therapist!

I remember the fear of my baby choking, and that nervousness I felt as I sat next to his high chair, just waiting to jump into action should he start choking.  And literally every time there was a gag, a cough, or bulging eyes, it felt like my heart was jumping out of my chest.

By the end of this course, you will know what is normal.


Intro To Solids & Picky Eating 101

This course is for you if you want help in reducing the overwhelm of introducing solids to your baby and get some quick and easy tips to help with picky eating. It was designed for help with feeding babies between the ages 6-18 months, to help you feel confident with this new phase of motherhood and also to help you have less stressful mealtimes .... and how about a little does of FUN!

What Mamas Are Saying.....

What's Included
Inside the Intro To Solids & Picky Eating 101 course, you'll get the knowledge and strategies to reduce the overwhelm of introducing solids to your little one, learn about what picky eating really is (and when it is actually a problem) and finally feel like you can stop worrying and actually enjoy meal times with your little one!
  1. Module 1: Intro To Solids
    You will learn about the feeding milestones from birth, starting solids from 6-12 months and what that looks like in terms of the progression, What are the criteria for starting solids.  We also discuss the two methods of introducing solids - spoon feeding and baby-led weaning.

    You will hear me talk about the oral motor and sensory skills that are involved in eating and why those are an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to introducing solids and also navigating a picky eater.

    You will learn about respecting your baby's cues to safely progress from purees to table foods as quickly as your baby is ready.

  2. Module 2: All About Picky Eating
    This module will help you understand what is normal pickiness and what are some red flags for when to be concerned. You will be introduced to sensorial experience of eating and how that can affect picky eating. You will learn some general strategies to make mealtimes less stressful and more successful and of course I will also give you some tips and tricks for your picky eaters.

  3. Comprehensive course workbook 
    This is designed so that you can have all the information at your fingertips without having to worry about taking notes.

  4. Choose Your Best-Suited Learning Style
    You have the option to watch the videos with subtitles so that you can watch/read while your baby is napping on you or to download the audio only file so you can listen more like a podcast on the go.

But, that is not all....... I've got some bonuses for you as well!

Guest Expert Interviews!

Hear from a Nutritionist as well as a Naturopath, about the best first foods to start with so that you can feel confident that you are choosing the right first foods to give your baby the best nutrition from the beginning.
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Frequently Asked Questions...
Q: What ages is this course for?

This course was designed for babies 6-18 months old. However, feel free to purchase this course earlier (to get yourself prepared for the intro to solids phase) or later (if you need some help with picky eating for your older child).

Q: I have other questions, how can I get answers?

Email with *Intro To Solids Question* in the subject line.
Q: I know you are a former occupational therapist, does this mean this course is only for those babies with developmental delays?

Nope! This course is for all parents, whether you have a typically developing baby or one that might have some delays or even medical conditions. This membership will be teaching you all about biologically NORMAL development in terms of feeding, and we will dive into picky eating and problem feeding, so you will have some idea of what 'red flags' to look for in order to get more specialized assistance, should there be a larger feeding issue/delay present. There is no 'therapy' involved and I will always refer you to the appropriate healthcare professionals as needed.
This course is perfect for you if....
√ You want mealtimes to be low stress and enjoyable for you and your baby.

√ You like the idea of knowing what is normal (and not normal) for babies at each age and stage of the intro to solids process..

√ You are ready to have fun (and embrace the mess)

√ You like the idea of tuning into your baby's feeding cues - allowing for independence at times, while still offering support as needed.
√ You want to set your baby (and yourself) up for success to enjoy a variety of foods.

However, if....

√ You want a complete baby feeding and nutrition program with recipes and amounts
√ You're looking for a one-size -fits-all approach to starting solids 
√ You're baby eats like a champ and you are feeling confident in introducing solids to your little one

Then this course is likely not a good fit.
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Ready to Make Mealtimes Less Stressful & More Fun?

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