Babies @ Play Classes

Babies @ Play classes are supportive parent/baby classes where we talk openly about the practical health, sleep, and developmental questions you might have. You will also learn a variety of skills, to promote your child's development, through the use of songs, activities focused on baby, and most of all finding YOUR inner child and having FUN!

Babies @ Play Fall 2021 enrolment is now open! 

Two Levels to Choose From:

Level 1 - Pre-Mobile Babies6 weeks - 5.5 months

Level 2 - Mobile Babies - 6-12 months

Social distancing and self-isolation are still in effect, 
and our virtual Babies @ Play classes have been a HUGE success!

It is so important now, more than ever, to come together (virtually),
to connect, remain positive, and get support!

Mama, I got you!
This class is like no other.....
It is all about baby and focused on your baby's development.

Learn about the following (while playing with baby)....

  • When baby should be rolling, sitting, crawling, and standing and how to encourage these...
  • Tummy Time practice and making it fun!
  • Sensorimotor development in the first few years
  • Infant massage and body awareness
  • How to bond with your baby & the importance of a secure attachment
  • Stretching - for babies (and you!)
  • Lots of songs and playful activities that are easy to re-create on your own


Connect with other mamas

Share your wonder moments and sweet little new things your baby does

Get support with your challenges - each week will be a specific topic for discussion and support (see below)

Each week we will do a deeper dive into a specific topic during the class, and focus on this during the Q&A (bring your questions!):

Week 1: Welcome

Week 2: Regulation, Co-Regulation, & Overstimulation

Week 3: Baby Sleep 
What is normal and some trouble shooting tips to get you more sleep!

Week 4: Feeding/Intro To Solids
Positioning, determine developmental readiness, tips & tricks for starting solids

Week 5: Reflux
What it is and finding the cause

Week 6: Body Tightness & How It Impacts Baby
Learn how body tightness might be at the root of feeding challenges, reflux, difficulties meeting milestones, and even just overall fussiness and also how to help.
In-Person Group Classes

6 week series | $195 +applicable taxes | 1 hour/week

This one-hour class includes 30 minutes of direct instruction where you will be practicing what you have learned, playing with your baby, and having fun.  There will also be 10-15 minutes at the beginning and end of class to have some discussion and ask any questions you may have, while also connecting with other moms.

In-person classes will be held at The WOMB (Burlington)
1159 King Road, Burlington, Ontario, L7T 0B4

Have more questions about the class?

On-Demand Class Series

Series with 12 classes | $97 USD 

Can’t attend our virtual or in-person group classes, this self-study option might be your perfect option.
You and your baby will be able to follow along with my activities and tips at times that are convenient for you.
Learn about infant development, practice tummy time and developmental milestones like rolling and crawling, learn about sensory processing, strengthen the bond between you and baby, practice visual and auditory skills, and so much more!  All on your own time, on your own schedule.
This is a 'self-study' course,
without the support, connection, and Q&A on practical health & development questions you may have.


Playful Discovery. Nurturing Growth. Transforming Connection.

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