Natural Wellness Essentials
Empowering you to reduce the toxins in your home, so that you can keep your family safe

My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to take the first, or next, step on your 'green' (aka natural wellness) journey.

This is a 5-part mini series about why we need to care about the toxins lurking in our everyday conventional, store-bought products and in our lives, how they are affecting our health, and some simple ways we can 'ditch and switch' so that you can finally take control over your health & wellbeing and live your best life.

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Lesson 1: My Journey 

From the moment I held my first-born, Kristjan, I thought "everything is different now".  All I knew was that I had to do everything I could to protect this tiny, vulnerable, precious human being.

I knew that it was my responsibility to take care of him, to give him the best nourishment, and the best start to life.

Lesson 2: Kicking The Chemicals To The Curb

Recognize the dangers and what chemicals you should be watching out for. And then get rid of them!

Research is showing that even small amounts of hormone disrupting chemicals are affecting our health – from reproduction, development, metabolism, fatigue, and more. 

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Lesson 3: Gut Health & The Microbiome

We know that gut health, and the gut-brain connection is important.

When looking at our body & our gut, it is really important that we also take into consideration the growing practices of the things we put into our bodies.

Why is this important?  Because all of that bacteria from the actual soil is then transported into your body and gut as well, so it is not just about our own body, but also about what we put in our body.

Lesson 4: Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Wellness is a choice, but we have to make that choice!
And a lot of wellness is about lifestyle, and we have control over our decisions.

This lesson will take you through the ins and outs of aromatherapy, its benefits, and uses, and will also discuss some basics about essential oils and why quality matters.

Lesson 5: Essential Oils For Babies & Kids

Essential oils can be a wonderful tool in your 'motherhood tool box', however it is important to use them carefully and consciously with babies and kids.

In this lesson you will learn about specific oils that are safe to use with babies and kids, how to use them, and most importantly dilution ratios!

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