Sensory Processing 101

Understanding Your Child From The Inside Out

If you’re a parent or professional working with babies or kids, who ...

Is struggling to understand WHY your child is having more than expected meltdowns or tantrums at home, 
at the shops, or at school?

Has a child that is sensitive to noise, touch or very is very busy.

Describes their child as clumsy, perhaps bumping into things and/or falling a lot.

Suspects there is something more going on with your child.

Is ready to understand your child/client's weird quirks, differences, or sensory behaviours.

Then this course is for you!

When it's too loud, too bright, too fast, too much....or maybe it's too slow, too quiet, or not enough! Whatever the case, this course is here to help you navigate the ins and outs of the sensory world!


Sensory Processing 101
A mini course to help your child from the inside out

The Sensory Processing & Primitive Reflex course will take you by hand, and lead you step-by-step to understanding your baby/child's sensory systems, why they might be acting the way they are … and give you tips, tricks and strategies to help them ..... at home. 


Finally understanding why your baby/child is doing what they are doing,

More calm,

Less tantrums or meltdowns,

Seeing the relief on your baby and child's face,

Easier bedtimes, and more sleep.
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Hi, I'm Kaili...

I am a mom of two, an entrepreneur, and the founder of Kaili Ets Family Wellness. I take my training and 12 years of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist (OT), along with my hands-on experience as a mom of two kids, into my work with clients, to really support moms to feel more confident in their baby/child's development.

Since going to occupational therapy school, sensory processing has been a passion of mine, and I have taken countless professional development courses on the topic.  I have also worked in so many amazing places over my 12 years as a pediatric occupational therapy in both Toronto and NYC. From general pediatric clinics to specialized sensory clinics, in special schools for kids with Austim, to consultations in the public school system.  I also worked in Early Intervention and in the private sector doing in-home and in-school visits. 

As I pursue my passion of owning and growing my own business, and working primarily with babies and young children, 0-3 years, I have become more aware of how sensory processing really is a life long process that starts in utero.

I also want to bring my knowledge and expertise out to the larger world. And so, this course was born. I thought it would be a great addition to my work with clients, for those that want just a bit more information, and also for all the professionals working in the mom/baby space.   
Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Join 
the Sensory Processing 101 mini course

  • Lifetime Access
    You get immediate, unrestricted and lifetime access to the course so that you can finally gain understanding of your child or client and gain the confidence to make quick decisions and take action, knowing you're doing the right thing to help.

  • PDF Checklists and Resources
    Signs & symptoms checklists,  activity ideas organized by sensory system, step-by-step pictures, instructional how-to demo videos for activities, sample bedtime routines, and more!  

Lesson 1: 

Sensory Processing - The Basics

• What is Sensory Processing
• The 8 Senses
• Sensory Foundations To Development
• Sensory Development in Babies (inside and outside the womb)

Lesson 2: 
Sensory Processing Differences

  • What is sensory processing/sensory integration
  • Sensory thresholds, appropriate stimulation & overstimulation
  • Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
  • Sensory Processing differences in babies and children
  • 'Sensory Diet' and sensory strategies
  • When to seek / refer additional help 

Lesson 3:
Sensory & Sleep

• How sensory processing difficulties affect sleep.
• Sleep science
• Bedtime strategies

Lesson 4:
Primitive Reflexes

• What are reflexes
• Primitive reflexes & postural reflexes
• How reflexes develop in utero and integrate
• Signs and symptoms when reflexes are not integrated
• Introduction to some basic movements as a way to start integrating


I absolutely loved it. 
This course helped me clearly identify where to start with my daughters tactile sensitivities. As a sleep coach I related to the sleep portion as an in depth explanation as to why things aren’t shutting down at bedtime or throughout the night. It helped me understand the scientific reasons as to why the body is responding and how we can respond in the future. 

I love the pace the flow the organization. 
I loved that I could pause and return and that it wasn't to daunting or long.

I found it so helpful and very informative! 

 - Jenn P

I am really enjoying the course! 
It’s a nice refresher and I’m learning some great tips to share with clients.
- Taylor K

"Usually, when I take a course, I highlight important information to review later.  This course has such amazing informations that it was just impossible to highlight. Everything is important!
I  enjoyed the course very much, the content is so valuable and will add a lot to my business and family."
- Renata Q.

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Information courtesy of Kaili Ets