Calling all exhausted mamas, tired of mommy Facebook group or sleep training advice....
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The Sleep Make-Over
A course to help you feel confident in your baby’s sleep, and start getting more of it, all while trusting your mama instincts.

The Sleep Make-Over is for you if you're....

💜 Done questioning everything about your baby’s sleep, and just want expert answers

💜 Feeling like all you ever do is try to get your baby to sleep or stay asleep, your whole focus seems to be on naptime, bedtime, and catching more zzzzzz’s

💜 Over the stress of constantly being told to sleep train, by friends, family and even your pediatrician 

…. which just doesn’t sit well with you, or your parenting values.

If you are nodding your head right now, then I invite you to join me in The Sleep Make-Over Experience…
Sign up today for to save your spot in The Sleep-Makeover, a 5-Day mini course where I walk you through how to stop wondering and worrying if you are creating bad habits or doing things wrong, stop stressing about naps and night sleep, and finally start to feel confident about your baby’s sleep… and in yourself!


Join the Sleep Make-Over today! Here’s what you’ll get inside this event: 

💖 The real facts about what baby sleep looks like in the first 2 years [spoiler alert - this is NOT 11-12 hours of consistent sleep]

💖 A checklist of sleepy cues your baby may use to show they’re actually tired, so you can quickly tune in and get them to sleep with less fussing 

💖 Confidence you’re not causing bad sleep habits, but rather supporting your baby’s developing brain

💖 A plan for optimizing your baby’s sleep (and your own), so that you can be more rested while you focus on making realistic long-lasting changes.

💖 Access to Q&As from the original Sleep Make-Over event where I answer participant questions while you take empowered action.

…and much, much more.

Hi, I’m Kaili!

I’m not like other sleep trainers, coaches and consultants out there, and here’s why....

I’m a certified pediatric sleep & reflux specialist and my 12+ years of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist (and 6 years of university) gave me a very strong background in infant and child development. #iknowmystuff

I’m also what’s known as a bit of a crunchy, holistic mama, but if being attachment-focused and caring about what products my family uses earn me that title, it’s one I’ll happily claim.

As a sleep expert, my unique and very holistic approach is developmentally driven, while being evidence informed and attachment focused.  This means I won’t ask you to give up night nursing, or leave your baby to cry alone in their crib in order to get them to sleep.  Nope, that doesn’t sit well with me (or likely you, if you’re still reading). 

Instead, I work with families to create developmentally-appropriate sleep plans that look at the overall picture of your unique baby and family, your values, and possibly the root cause of what might be causing sleepless nights.

But my favourite part is in helping you to keep the things you love and changing the things you don’t. 

Oh, and I am also a mama of two and have been in the sleep deprived trenches just like you. That’s why I’m ona mission to reduce the overwhelm of motherhood one mama and baby at a time, and part of that is addressing the #1stress motherhood aka sleep (or lack thereof).

And inside the Sleep Make-Over course, I’ll help you get started by showing you how to….

...tune into your baby, your instincts, and optimize sleep for the whole family while you are on the path to making lasting changes and getting more sleep.


 Join The Sleep Make-Over Today! Take the first step to your future as a well-rested mama who is confident in herself, her instincts, and of course her baby’s sleep ….

Imagine feeling just like Alexis (with her 8-month old).....