Sweet Dreams For Baby, 
Empowered Confidence For Mama

Get more sleep for everyone through connection and trust with the heart-centred, 
attachment-based Holistic Baby Sleep Make-Over course.
You’re up every couple of hours all night long...

You’re so exhausted you can’t think straight...

Your friends (and family, and acquaintances, and complete strangers) say you have to 
either sleep train or resign yourself to years of exhaustion. 

But your intuition tells you there has to be another way. 

A way to get some real, restful sleep that doesn’t compromise your parenting values.

Mama, you’re right. 

Despite all the misinformation out there about baby sleep (does “drowsy but awake” ring any bells?), it is possible to get sleep in a way that’s attachment-focused, science-based, and completely in harmony with your mama intuition. 

The Holistic DREAMS course shows you how. With short, actionable videos full of holistic and developmentally-based tips, you and your little one will be sleeping peacefully before you know it. These strategies are based on the latest sleep science (hint: babies can’t self-soothe!) and show you what normal baby sleep really looks like. 

And you’ll never have to leave your baby to cry alone … ever.

With this course, you will...

  • Reduce wakings, lengthen naps, and put joy and ease back into bedtime using connection, not separation.
  • Embrace what works for your family, whether that’s breastfeeding or formula feeding, bedsharing or separate sleep spaces, babywearing, or anything else.
  • Address what’s really causing wakings by looking at the big picture of your baby’s development and personality.
  • Optimize all the variable affecting your baby’s sleep (sensory systems, routines, physical needs, attachment, and more) for the best sleep success.
  • Adapt to your family’s unique goals, situations, and parenting values.
  • Find the confidence to trust that you know what’s best for your baby and to shrug off unsolicited advice (thanks but no thanks, random stranger at Target!).
  • Build a foundation of attachment to last a lifetime.
  • Empower yourself to trust your mama instincts for your whole motherhood journey!
In case it's been a while since you slept more than two hours, let me remind you: sleeping is wonderful.

More sleep for baby means...

  • Getting the best start in life by improving development
  • A more playful, alert, and happy baby
  • Stronger immunity and better health
More sleep for mama means...

  • A more alert, joyful, and patient parent
  • More connection with your loved ones
  • More time and energy for your passions, your career, and yourself (remember her?)
Best of all?  With better sleep, you’ll be rested enough to actually enjoy this season with your baby -- not just endure it. Babies change so fast! You deserve to spend this stage well-rested and happy, not struggling with an over-tired baby and stressing about sleep.

The Holistic Baby Sleep Make-Over course will show you how to achieve all of that by following what feels right for you.

It’s more than just an attachment-based sleep course. Pulling from my 12 years of experience in infant development, I consider all the variables affecting sleep, from sensory needs to feeding to developmental stage. I’ll show you how supporting your baby’s development and giving a better start in life overall will naturally cause better sleep. Unlike sleep training, which stresses out babies and families and often has to be redone, these strategies give you peaceful, long-term rest built on a strong connection between mama and baby.

Most importantly, the Holistic Baby Sleep Make-Over course will show you that good things happen when you trust your mama instincts. You’ll find new confidence to carry you through not just the baby years, but all the other challenges you’ll encounter long after your baby is sleeping the night.

You are an amazing parent and the best mama for your baby.

You can enjoy your baby right now, with both of you well-rested and happy.

You can thrive (and sleep!) using attachment, without ever suffering through cry-it-out.

You can build a foundation of connection and self-confidence that will support you and your baby for the rest of your lives.

And the Holistic Baby Sleep Make-Over course can help you get there.

Hi, I'm Kaili

Using my 12 years of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist and my advanced certifications in pediatric sleep & reflux, I am on a mission to helping mamas feel confident in their babies' sleep, development, and overall wellbeing during the first two years.

I haven't just studied sleep, but I have lived through the sleep deprivation first-hand.

Mama, have I been in your shoes. My first baby, Kristjan, wouldn’t sleep more than 3 hours in a row for Eight. Long. Months. I was desperate. I started getting frustrated with him at night and it broke my heart. I knew that motherhood shouldn’t look like this, but I didn’t know how to fix it.

Finally, I got help. (Every mama needs help now and then!) I learned how to support my baby’s sleep in a gentle, responsive way. Two weeks later, he slept 6 hours straight. I can’t tell you how good that felt – and I felt even better knowing I’d stayed true to myself the whole time. With my second baby, Eevi, I had all the knowledge and confidence I needed to navigate her sleep stress-free.

That experience began my exploration of holistic, heart-centred sleep. I got certified in attachment-based sleep, have now learned about the neurobiology of sleep, and started working on my unique, holistic baby sleep approach. 

The Holistic Baby D.R.E.A.M.S. course pulls from:
  • My 12 years of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist, with training in infant development and sensory processing
  • Certifications in attachment-based sleep and reflux
  • Years of leading mom and baby classes and one-on-one coaching
  • Expertise in natural, toxin-free strategies
  • My personal experience as an ex-exhausted mama

Kaili Ets
BHsc. (Hon), Msc.OT
Certified Pediatric Sleep & Reflux Specialist
My mission is to help mamas find their confidence.

I want to show you that trusting your instincts is the best way to keep your baby happy, healthy, and well-rested.

I dream of a world where every mama truly believes that she is the answer to her unique baby. A world where no mama ever feels pressured to do something that doesn’t feel right.

A world where every mama knows: You do enough. You are enough. You can get through anything thrown your way.


The Holistic Baby Sleep Make-Over Course

The Holistic Baby Sleep Make-Over course is for mamas who want to do things a bit differently. Who want to approach sleep through a more holistic and natural lens, and want to feel empowered to walk along their own path, one that honours their unique family values and desires.

The Holistic Baby Sleep Make-Over course gives you:

  • Lifetime access to all the short videos, packed with science-based practical tips to help your baby get more sleep.
  • An easy-to-read guide to videos of specific age groups, so you can quickly find what's applicable to your baby now.
  • Optional audio-only downloads so you can listen on the go.
  • Simple step-by-step instructions to build your own unique sleep plan.
.... Plus personalized support

There’s no single magic fix that works for every family. If you need a bit more help figuring out your unique baby, the Holistic DREAMS course also gives you the opportunity to ask me questions through:

  • A 35% discount on 1:1 support - whether you choose the hourly option or the comprehensive support packages.
  • A 50% discount on other Holistic Baby courses and e-books

The Holistic Baby Sleep Make-Over course is packed full of valuable attachment-focused sleep resource
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The Holistic Baby Sleep Make-Over course covers...
...everything you need to know to start getting the sleep of your dreams.
Module 1: MindSHIFT
Shift your mindset around what baby sleep should look like

Get empowered to trust yourself and your mama intuition.

Learn how to find time for yourself with a 7-day self-care challenge (and watch your whole family feel better!).

Make your own face scrubs, body butter, bath salts, and other relaxing treats with simple recipes.

Module 2: Understand Your Baby's Brain
Learn why supporting to sleep is a-okay and feel confident choosing connection over separation (aka cry-it-out).

Use attachment and bonding to deepen your connection with your baby and improve sleep.

Understand how to use regulation, co-regulation, and self-regulation to promote sleep, including:
  • Why your baby can’t “self-soothe” and how you can help your baby regulate.

Module 3: Normal Infant Sleep
Shift your mindset around what baby sleep should look like

Module 4: Understand Sleep Science

Understand the science or biology of sleep (& how you can help!), including:
  • Circadian Rhythm
  • Homeostatic Sleep Pressure
  • Sleep Hormones
  • Sleep Cycles

Module 5: Red Flags For Sleep
Does your baby actually have a 'sleep problem'?  Or is it something else?
Understand what might be affecting your baby’s sleep, including:
  • Feeding Difficulties (breast & bottle feeding, tongue-tie, intro to solids)
  • Reflux
  • Age, Milestones and regressions
  • Body Tightness
  • Temperament/Personality
  • How sensory processing, primitive reflexes, stress, overstimulation, and tiredness impact regulation and sleep.

Module 6: Optimizing Sleep (for baby and you!)
Learn how to optimize sleep for your baby, but also what you can change to better support sleep for you

Bring ease to naps and bedtime by flowing with your baby’s natural rhythm.

Create the best sleep environment, and a joyful, relaxing sleep routine (and learn how to include your partner so it’s not all on you!).

Ensure your baby is resting safely, whether in a crib or in your bed.

Discover why I love sleep associations, and set up the best ones for your family.

Get the tools to change what isn’t working for your family, such as:
  • Lovingly setting boundaries and supporting through emotions.
  • Gently transitioning to night-time separation for older babies and toddlers.
Learn how to use gentle, natural tools like reflexology and relaxing essential oils to promote sleep.

Module 7: Sleep Challenges & Solutions
Confidently handle any sleep road bumps, including:
  • Early rising, false starts, split night
  • Teething, illness, or travel
  • Preparing for another baby, siblings sharing a room, multiples
Wondering if you are a good fit?

The Holistic Baby Sleep Make-Over course is for you if:
  • Your baby is 0-2 years old and how they sleep isn’t working for your family.
  • You keep hearing about sleep training, but it just doesn’t feel right.
  • You’re worried that you’re doing something wrong, afraid of hurting your baby, and struggling with a serious case of mom guilt.
  • Your lack of sleep is affecting your parenting, relationships, and work.
  • You want to enjoy the baby years before they’re gone, but you’re too stressed about sleep.
  • You sleep trained your previous baby or tried sleep training this baby, and you don’t want to go through that again (no judgement, mama!).
  • You dream of being a calm, confident, connected mama but you don’t know how to get rid of all the doubt and start trusting yourself.

The Holistic Baby Sleep Make-Over course is not ideal if:
  • You want your baby sleeping through the night by next week (nature just doesn’t work like that!).
  • You want to use separation and cry-it-out.
  • Your child is over 2 (check out my one-on-one coaching if you’d like some help with an older preschooler!). 
  • You don’t care about understanding what’s going on, you just want someone to tell you what to do.

What Mamas Are Saying...

Take A Look Inside
Here is a little tour of the course hub, to get a feel of how the course is organized and what is inside.

Frequently Asked Questions...
Q: How long until my baby sleeps through the night?

Gently encouraging a baby to sleep better will take a different amount of time for every baby. Unlike more aggressive sleep training methods, I can’t promise you when it will get better. But I can promise you that it will get better. With these responsive, science-based strategies you’ll get more rest soon, and when you do, you’ll rest easy knowing you stayed true to your values the whole way.

Remember: sleep training might seem faster and easier, but that doesn’t equal better results. Sleep training often has to be redone as babies grow, and it can cause a huge amount of stress for babies and families. These holistic, attachment-based methods set you up for real, lasting better sleep. You’ll build a foundation of connection that will pay off a thousand times throughout your baby’s childhood. Faster doesn’t mean better!

Q: Is there crying?

This is a tricky question.  Babies cry - that is how they communicate with us initially.  They cry because they are tired, hungry, uncomfortable, cold, wet, frustrated, and so many other reasons. So while I can't promise there won't ever be any crying, I will promise you that I’ll never tell you to leave your baby alone to cry, or tell you that 'crying helps them figure it out' or 'teaches them to be independent', not for a second. I can’t promise that you won’t cry though – that first night of real rest can definitely bring on tears of relief!

Q: What if my baby has to be nursed/fed/rocked/worn to sleep?

Does it work for your family? Great, keep it up! Is it making you miserable? The Holistic Baby Sleep Make-Over course will give you the tools to change it. Every family and every baby is unique. This course is about finding what works for you, not following the “rules”.

Q: How will I find time to do a course?! I can barely find time to brush my teeth.

Oh mama, I hear you! I designed the Holistic Baby Sleep Make-Over course to fit into a busy life and to adapt to any learning style. An easy-to-read guide helps you find which short, actionable videos are best for your situation. Simple, step-by-step instructions help you quickly put together your unique sleep plan. And if you’re too busy to watch the videos, you can download the audio to listen on the go. Go ahead and listen while nursing your baby to sleep – you won’t hear anything about “bad habits” here!

Q: Can I get personalized support?

Absolutely. When you buy the course, you will have the option to add on as many 1:1 calls as you want.

Q: If all I have to do is trust my instincts and follow my baby, why do I need this course?
I’ll never try to scare you into buying something with myths about building “bad habits” or claims that your baby’s sleep is doomed to get worse. Trusting yourself and your baby will always be enough. This course will just help you figure things out faster, so you can start enjoying a rested baby sooner and not waste any more time tired and desperate! I’ll always tell you to trust your instincts… and if your instincts are telling you to get some help, I’m here for you. Every mama needs help sometimes -- I sure did when my first wasn’t sleeping!

Q: I have other questions, how can I get answers?

Email kaili@kailiets.com with *Holistic Baby Sleep Make-Over Question* in the subject line.

The way to get the most out of The Holistic Baby D.R.E.A.M.S is to watch the lessons pertinent to your baby's age in the order of the modules, making notes in the accompanying sleep plan workbook as you go.  You will also see the best results if you are consistent with your approach and commit to growing your confidence! And, I've designed this so that it fits into (and works) with your busy mom life.

If for any reason you feel like this course is not supporting you and your baby in your motherhood journey, and getting you more sleep, please email kaili@kailiets.com showing me that you have completed at least 2 modules of the course and the workbook and I will be happy to give you a full refund.
The Holistic Baby Sleep Make-Over course is packed full of valuable attachment-focused sleep resource
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These early months fly by so fast – in a few weeks, your baby will be on to a new phase and new skills.

Don’t miss the stage your baby is in right now by being exhausted and stressing about sleep. 

Don’t wait until you’ve tried cry-it-out and put yourself and your baby through needless stress and heartache.

Don’t spend any more of your child’s babyhood tired and frustrated. 

Get gentle, responsive sleep help today (before you hit your breaking point!) and start finding confidence and joy in motherhood now.

Sweet dreams, mama.

Information courtesy of Kaili Ets