Discover whether weaning your little one is the right choice for your family, and how to do it in a respectful way. 

 I'm so glad you found me! Get ready for some massive support in trusting your mama instincts 
that aligns with your parenting values.  

Are you thinking of weaning your baby or toddler (from the breast/bottle)?

Wondering if it will help with sleep?

Or perhaps you are just feeling touched out and don’t enjoy it anymore.

Whatever the reason is, it is an important decision for you and your little one.
Creating healthy expectations and habits is the best way to approach weaning your child, while maintaining a strong attachment and staying true to your parenting values.

The Heart-Centred Weaning E-Book will show you how to confidently tune into and trust your mama instincts when it comes to your baby, while you navigate the journey of weaning your little one by focusing on creating healthy expectations and habits, so that you don’t have to feel pressured to anything that doesn’t fit with your parenting values.

In this e-book, you’ll learn practical strategies you can use to make small changes around feeding your baby during the day or night, or bigger changes to remove feeds all together.

Wether you are trying to improve your older baby or toddlers’ sleep, or perhaps you’d like for someone else other than you to be able to help settle them in the night. Maybe you’re just tired of being a 24/7 milk bar…

… the Heart-Centered Weaning E-Book will walk you through your options, as well as support you during what might be an emotional time for both you and your child.

What the e-book covers:

  • Why you might be thinking of night weaning
  • Is this the right time for you and your child
  • Your feelings about night weaning.  Supporting emotions for everyone.
  • Non-nutritive sucking and it's importance to babies and toddlers.
  • Practical strategies for reducing or stopping breast or chest feeding (during day and night), including strategies for highly sensitive children
  • How night weaning might affect you, your child and sleep
  • Practical strategies about making changes to feeding at bedtime
  • Daytime nutritional requirements for breast and bottle-fed infants in order to ensure adequate daytime calories before making changes at night.
This is for you if:

  • You have an older baby (8+months) or toddler, and are considering weaning some or all feeds.
  • You want to learn how to set loving boundaries and limits around nursing or bottle feeding in a respectful way.
  • You would like to gradually decrease feeds during the day or night, or both
  • You are looking for an approach that is developmentally appropriate and focused on maintaining the attachment relationship with your little one.
  • You’d like to learn some strategies to support your child to fall asleep without feeding
  • You are a health, childcare or sleep professional who would like to learn about a supportive and compassionate approach to night weaning.


Hi, I'm Kaili 
I am a mama of two & founder of Kaili Ets Family Wellness.  I am on a mission to reduce the overwhelm of motherhood, one mama and baby at a time.  

Using my many years of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist, and my advanced certifications in infant sleep, reflux, and craniosacral therapy, I help mamas feel confident in their baby's sleep, development, and reflux, so that they can stop the worry and be a well-rested family. 

My approach is developmentally driven, attachment focused, and evidence informed with an emphasis on empowering mamas to tune into and trust their mama instincts.

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